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Welcome to Scrunch'n'Fold Productions, your favourite source for inclusivity, acceptance, and self-exploration through arts, performances, and events. We are dedicated to giving you the best of our content, services, and talent, focusing on building a vibrant society where everyone feels encouraged to express themselves through art.


Founded in 2022 by Shaun Birtles, Scrunch'n'Fold Productions has an interesting background story of its beginning. When we first started, the passion for bringing inclusivity and acceptance through art, events, and performances drove us to establish a brand. We set out to add value to the art and provide the best possible entertainment to the entire community. So, our team came up with an idea to start Scrunch'n'Fold Productions, aiming to become a source of inspiration and happiness where people come, perform, connect, and create real stories for real people. This idea makes Scrunch'n'Fold Productions unique and different from others. After analysing this notion, it is evident that Scrunch'n'Fold Productions will become the top recommendation of all artists, storytellers, and people. They will be the source of hope & inspiration for others who have not connected with us yet. We are the real temptation in the marketplace when it comes to trust & reliability. We are thrilled that we're able to turn our idea into a passion. This passion is our everything and reality now. This reality is called Scrunch'n'Fold Productions.

Bringing you inclusivity, acceptance, and self-discovery!!


We are sure you are now feeling the urge to connect with us. So, we are waiting for you. Contact us, and let’s get creative. 

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