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The Big D

A curious tale of Drag, Drinking & Determination 

The Big D is a raw and authentic exposé behind the curtain into the world of drag. This first-person adventure unpacks what happens when addiction overtakes the art.

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More About The Big D

How does a drag queen remain relevant in a world of reality TV and RuPaul? What toll does being a drag queen have on the person underneath all the makeup, wonder and wigs?

Abril LaTrene, the self-proclaimed Campest Queen on the scene shares what it takes to survive in a world built on an economy of Alcohol, Ego and Applause.

Then like a true Gemini, you will meet Shaun, the 37-year-old "person behind the mask" who dives into the demons that almost destroyed both Abril and them.

Each night the show is supported by a selection of Australia's premier performance artists, with a different act showcased each evening. The Big D is an emotive comedy, cabaret, come drag show based on lived experiences of inner turmoil & addiction, not for the faint of heart.

This show originated in Melbourne and first premiered at Melbourne Fringe 2022 with 2 out of 3 Sold out shows. It is written and stars Abril LaTrene & Shaun Birtles.

You've seen drag queens and heard their stories on TV; now come and see the real thing! The Big D, the most Real, Raw & Ridiculous show of the Adelaide Fringe Festival!"

Elizabeth, Melbourne  Fringe 2022 Audience Member

"Abril is dynamic and so versatile; I was honoured by their level of vulnerability; the show had lots of the usual dancing and singing and comic relief but I was appreciative of being in the presence of determination to be authentically real - the world needs more Abrils!"

Troy, Melbourne  Fringe 2022 Audience Member

"Firstly, that blue outfit deserves its own stage! Iconic. A great show. Funny. Honest. Vulnerable. Oddly relatable. Enjoyed!'

Robbie, Melbourne  Fringe 2022 Audience Member

This show was the perfect balance of hilarity and vulnerability. You felt like you got to have a peak behind the curtain experience in the life of a professional performer. With hilarious gags and camp numbers thrown in for good measure! An exceptional way to spend a night out!"


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